3 Most Popular Artisan Jewelry Pieces from Eyes of Merlin

Silver Bronze Prasiolite Renaissance hair piece

Your first time shopping at Eyes of Merlin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! As a newbie delving into the beautiful world of artisan jewelry, we want you to have the best designs from our collection.

That’s why we list the top three most popular designs so you can purchase these must-have designs first before you shop any further!

Which Three Designs Should You Have?

1.      Artisan blue topaz and sterling silver earrings

Artisan blue topaz and sterling silver earringsAvailable for $25, these gorgeous blue topaz and silver earrings exude a soft, cool look that can only be balanced by their light weight.

The metal art technique that is used in this design is very intricate, since each earring has a detailed flower design on top with the glint of the topaz stone at the bottom.

Two inches in length, these earrings are the perfect length, whether you’re wearing them to work or a night out.

2.      Silver Bronze Prasiolite Renaissance hair piece

Silver Bronze Prasiolite Renaissance hair pieceInspired by medieval jewelry pieces, these original hair adornments are ideal for a wedding or a special event. Cast in sterling silver and ancient bronze, this gem piece is fitted with a 7mm x 5mm prasiolite stone and weighs only 36gms.

5 inches long in length and 3 inches in width, the design holds a special place in this artisan’s heart since it reflects our love for woodland designs. Available for only $45, this handmade hair adornment will definitely garner compliments for your look.

3.      Elven Cross Bronze art and leather purse

Eleven Cross Bronze art and leather purseThis elven cross bronze leather bag is a must-have for all the kindred spirits who like their style to reflect their free nature.

Handmade in leather cross, this 8×9 inch purse features a tear drop flap and incorporates a 24 inch strap so that the bag falls at around your waist’s length. As an original design, the “Elves of the Wind” sculpted design can be requested in ancient bronze, silver and even gold.

Available for $150, this purse will support you through all your endeavors and never lose its quality.

Buying More Jewelry from Eyes of Merlin

Now that you know which three of our designs are most popular, now is the time to search for more!

Are you looking for handmade artisan engagement rings for sale, or sterling silver earrings for your sensitive ears? Whatever you need, we are sure that Eyes of Merlin will have just the trinket in our collection!

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